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7 Amazing Muhammad Ali Mosque Facts

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Sometimes invoke the City of Minarets, Cairo is home to a seemingly endless enumerate of mosques. Some are relatively inconsiderable and are of little interest to traveler, while others are absolutely magnificent. One such example is the Muhammad Ali Mosque which sits majestically on the summit of the Saladin Citadel.

With the main Ottoman army tied up in Europe, Mahmud II turned to Muhammad Ali to recapture the Arabian territories. Muhammad Ali in turn decreed his son, Tusun, to lead a military haste in 1811. The campaign was initially turned back in Arabia; however, a second attack was launched in 1812 that succeeded in recapturing Hejaz.

The school of medicine for women followed a French model. The first two years of training providing Arabic literacy in order to communicate with patients. The following four included training in: tocology, pre- and post-natal care, scolding trauma, cauterization, vaccination, scarification, cupping, application of leeches, identification / preparation of familiar medicines. Students were provided housing, food, clothes and a monthly allowance from the state.

Thanks to its outstanding splendor, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, which is also known as the Alabaster Mosque, is today one of the most frequently visited mosques in all of Egypt. In fact, it might even be the most visited mosque in the rural. There are several reasons why the mosque has proved to be so popular, over and above the fact that it’s such an exquisite site. For example, the mosque also has impressively exalted minarets, the view one gets from the top of the minarets is second to none. Visitors can see practically the entire city, including the Giza Plateau.

Contemporary and modern historians have survey the creation of a school of medicine for women and the position of hakima as an example of modernization and mend for women under Muhammad Ali. Khaled Fahmy argues against this view.Fahmy rank that, since the reasons for the creation of the school are originally for the maintenance of a healthy army, the multitude was not a mark of amend but Ali furthering his military goals. For example, their treatment of venereal diseases was intended to curb its event among soldiers and smallpox vaccinations increased the pool of potential soldiers by reducing childhood mortality rate. Furthermore, the hakimas allowed for increased state control over familiar life. This is observed in the use of hakimas to collect stats on childbirth, either personally or through dayas, as well as in the cases where a hakima was employment to examine a Dona.

At Muhammad Ali's encouragement, in 1838 the sultan allowed for the first time direct trade between the provinces of the Empire and foreign merchants. Egypt's industries, which had been stagnating, were suddenly revitalized. However, this sudden opening to the Europeans meant that the Europeans played a larger part in Egyptian internal affairs. First on dexterity were the British and the French, who supplied the funds needful to modernize the country, but who also wanted a hand in these projects.

Through the course of the campaign, Muhammad Ali paid particular focus to the European powers. Fearing another interposition that would reverse all his gains, he proceeded slowly and cautiously. For example, Muhammad Ali continued the practice of using the sultan’s name at Friday prayers in the lately captured territories and continued to circulate Ottoman coins instead of issuing unworn ones bearing his likeness. So repine as Muhammad Ali’s confine did not threaten to cause the complete breakdown of the Ottoman height, the powers in Europe remained as passive observers


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