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Where is Aswan ?

Aswan city is located on the east bank, at the first cataract of the Upper Nile River in Egypt .

What is the history of Aswan ?

it marked the southern border of pharaonic Egypt for thousands of years against the southern enemies Known As the nubians.

What to do in Aswan ?

  1. Sail on a felucca (sail boat) down to the old dam. Make a day of it & poke around Anakato.

  2. Ride a camel to the St Simon Monastery , you can hire a camel & guide in West Aswan.

  3. Go out to the Open Museum & wander around the granite sculptures in the desert.

  4. Sit & read in Feryal Garden .

  5. Have a picnic on Kitchener Island .

  6. Wander around Philae Temple.

  7. Visit the Temples of  Kom Ombo and  Edfu.

  8. Have a cup of Turkish coffee & a shishah & people watch in the market.

  9. Wander around Aswan Island (“Elephantine”), talk with people. Be sure to check out the Animalia museum.

  10. Check out Heissa Island or Seheil.

  11. Check to see the programming at the Culture Palace on the Corniche: There’s probably nothing, but it’s worth checking.

  12. If  you have plenty of time to spend in Aswan , you Must visit Abu Simble Temples .

  13. Take a train to Luxor for a day trip , the distance  by train is 3 hours .

How to get to Aswan ?

You can travel to Aswan by various means of transportation such as The Train , The Bus , the Plane and the Nile cruise .

How to get around in Aswan ?

For the sights on the river islands or on the West Bank, you can go by car or by river boat .

For Philae, the High Dam, and the unfinished obelisks, you can take a taxi, or book any available tour from your hotel or cruise.

What is Aswan Famous For ?

Beside being one of the main Egyptian tourist destinations Aswan is famous for Its High dam , Aswan is famous for many modern industries.

When is the bet time to visit Aswan ?

Due to Aswan Geographic location ِAswan has a very tropical weather , Aswan summer is very hot and Aswan winter is warm during the day and very cold at night .

The Best 4 month to visit Aswan December , January and February and March .


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