Philea Temple 

Philae temple complex is one of the most attractive in all of Egypt. It sits on Aglika Island just south of the old Aswan Dam and for you to visit the temple you must take a motorboat. The temple was stimulated to its current location After building the high dam,

The careful rebuild at the current site carefully completed, thoroughly keeping the original appearance and layout of the complex and even remodeling the island to match its former location.


Philae rose to importance during the Ptolemaic Dynasty as the center of the cult of the goddess Isis. This complex was one of the last surviving places where the ancient religion survived after the coming of Christianity in Egypt, officially closing only in 550 AD. Early Christians then used the main temple on the island as a church.


This is the reason for the disfigurement of some of the figures of the ancient gods as these Christians often tried to remove the pagan imagery from their newly claimed sanctuaries. The Temple of Isis is the main feature here, but there are several other smaller temples on the island that are worth spending time admiring. There is a sound and light show at Philae Temple, like at all the other major ancient attractions in Egypt, but Philae’s is generally thought to be the most impressive of these often-over-blown affairs. The ambience of the island’s ruins bathed in floodlighting is hard to describe adequately, but this is a recommended way to spend an evening.

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